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Giclee, pronounced "gee'clay" is a French term meaning "to spray". The giclee printing process involves rendering the original image digitally. The image is then printed on a substrate by a high resolution printer specifically designed to meet the rigorous standards of museum quality archival prints.  These printers spray at an extremely high speed  individual droplets of color onto the substrate. The result is a print of remarkable clarity depicting every color and tonal nuance with such amazing fidelity that it is difficult to discern the print from the original.

Giclee prints are in the finest tradition of printmaking. The artist works with the giclee printer to achieve the greatest accuracy possible. This  process is a collaboration between the artist and skilled giclee printers using superior materials and technology to achieve museum quality limited edition prints. The final approval of the artist is essential to the overall printing process.

Giclee prints have many advantages over both offset lithography and seriographs (screen prints). Giclee prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than seriography. Unlike lithographs and seriographs, giclees have undergone extensive third party fade testing. Predicting display life depends on many variables. Giclee prints can last between 75-100+ years. However, it is important to treat giclee prints the same as an original watercolor. Avoid exposure to prolonged sunlight and protect from moisture. It is recommended that the print be framed and mounted behind glass.

My limited edition giclee prints are printed on the highest quality museum archival paper utilizing state of the art Rolland Printers that use highly stable pigmented based ink offering a light fastness rating of more than 100 years. A Certificate of Authenticity comes with each print to verify it has been personally inspected, signed and numbered by the artist.